Signs of a Rat Infestation

Rats are a common issue in cities throughout the US. They are a huge issue in a couple of countries. Thousands of homeowners experience rat issues each month and no one is immune. Handling the problem as fast as possible is crucial if you’re experiencing any indications of a rat infestation.  

Fortunately, rats are not extremely great at being hidden. A rat infestation is usually accompanied by a couple of hard-to-miss indications of their presence. If you see one of these indications, contact Memphis pest control right away! 

Pet Behavior 

It can be an indication of a rat infestation if you’ve got cats or dogs who are strangely behaving. Sniffing or scratching at places near the walls or under appliances, whining or barking in a specific place and refusing to leave, and other similar movements can be an indication that rats are sharing your house with you.  


Rats prefer to stay along the walls’ edges rather than walking out into the middle of rooms when walking from one place to another. This offers them more security. However, rats leave grease marks behind from their body as they run up against the baseboards or the walls. These marks are also known as runways. It is an indication of a rat infestation if you find these marks along the walls.  


It’s a clear indication of an infestation if you find a nest of a rat in your home. Rats create their nests in out-of-the-way areas. This includes inside the walls, attics, or basements. They utilize all types of materials to create their nests. They will utilize the items they find around your home when indoors. this includes insulation, fabric, and pieces of cotton. 


Rat urine has an extremely strong musky odor. It’s an unpleasant smell that will immediately permeate your home if you’ve got an infestation. Aside from that, rats might die within the walls if you had a rat infestation for a long time. This leaves a stronger odor as the days pass by.  

Scratching Noises 

Something is certainly up there if you are hearing squeaking or scratching noises in your walls or ceilings. It can be bats, squirrels, mice, or rats. However, you will want to take further action to find out, regardless of what animal has snuck inside. 

Gnaw Marks 

You might find gnaw marks aside from finding holes. Rats might have a harder time chewing through particular things. This depends on the material an item is made of. Aside from that, they might be startled away. They can be from a rat if you find gnaw marks.  


A rat may be present if you see holes around your home. The holes will be around the size of a quarter.  


Their feces are probably one of the first indications you will notice when rats get into your home. They leave their feces wherever they want. Thus, you’ll probably find them around your house.  

Usually, rat droppings are dark. However, they have a bigger size compared to the droppings of a mouse.